Welcome to another installment. I am so excited to see the Community on the move and teaming for the upcoming Spring Walks! I got to personally meet each team member and their enthusiasm is infectious. They are so happy to do His work and to be heading to the mountain once again.

As of this writing, Mar Lu Ridge has informed us that there are no mandatory corona virus restrictions in place. This is great news! We can experience the weekends just as we did before the pandemic. This is an important aspect of the Walk as we can engage each other as God intended.

We are still in need of both Pilgrim and Fall Team applications! Please download them from the website and submit according to the instructions provided. As a reminder, Team applications are purged on September 30th each year, so please keep them current if you desire to team. Pilgrim applications are kept on the books for two years so that WLDs can follow up if a person is not able to attend a weekend. Please engage your churches and spread the word about these Walks and consider sponsoring a Pilgrim.

You can find ongoing team and pilgrim information on the front page of our website. Please check often so you can verify you have the most current list. I want to personally thank the data managers, registrar, and the Weekend Board Reps on the behind-the -scenes work they do almost daily to keep the lists current.

We have been slowly working through our documentation, the policies, and procedures for the community. There are a lot of them. One document is the process of selecting WLDs. Part of that document has been loaded into the FAQs area of the website as the question often comes up. Please take a moment to read it.

Our community’s Board of Directors is required to annually sign a covenant with the International Upper Room organization so that we can be called a Walk to Emmaus. This means we agree to follow their guidelines as a fourth day community and we are allowed the use of their copyrighted materials. We completed this year’s signing. This covenant is important for the strength and commonality of the Walks. No matter where you travel if someone says they “Walked” you know exactly what that entails. Of course, each weekend has the opportunity for its own personality, but the whole experience is Spirit-driven and not personality-driven.

Hopefully by the time this is posted, we will also have posted or emailed a link to our newsletter. In this edition there is biographical information on each board member.

Lastly, please support our upcoming Weekend events: Send Off, Agape, Sponsor’s Hour, Candles, and Closing. I am so looking forward to the fellowship, stories and singing His praises over the next couple of months!

DeColores and Blessings,

Steve Gray

Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia Emmaus Community Community Lay Director