NEW – Upper Room Ministries University

The Upper Room freely provides a wide variety of topics to help educate us on aspects of our 4th Day Community. The topics include information about the movement, sponsorship, the Board of Directors, Spiritual Directors, outreach, team selection, theology of Emmaus, and Ecumenical Understanding. Please visit their website and create an account to get started.



The following links will bring you to various applications and forms used by the teams and board members to manage the Walk of Emmaus.

Most are available in PDF format. The ADOBE READER that can be downloaded free at if your computer does not have a PDF reader installed.

New to teaming? Look for “What should I consider in deciding on my first Team?” in the FAQ section under our About page.

PLEASE NOTE: The candidate Pilgrim will most likely receive an email from Ministry Manager once the Registrars input their information – even if they decide not to Walk. The candidate should be made aware of this. If they do Walk, they can update their information as needed.

The forms have the address for mailing, or they can be emailed to:

Pilgrim Application – Part A (Candidate Pilgrim Completes)

Pilgrim Application – Part B (Sponsor Completes and both Pilgrim A & B forms are submitted to the Registrars by the Sponsor)

NEW – Team Application – Web Form

Clergy Application

Scholarship Request (Used to assist those in need)


Gathering Information

Gathering Format Worksheet (PDF)                                    Gathering Format Worksheet (MS Word)

Gathering Host Checklist (PDF)                                            Gathering Host Checklist (MS Word)