Greetings West Virginia Emmaus Community!

In June, our Board of Directors established a Fundraising Committee to initiate a campaign for awareness, and development of an online offering capability to receive gifts from personal, business, and local churches.  The committee is led by Bruce Taggart and includes four other Board members.

During our June and July gatherings, and a July online posting, our Community Lay Director, Carl Kaempfer shared with you our Community’s financial situation.  The Community annual operating costs are approximately $40,000 per year.  About $30,000 supports the four Weekend Events for hosting and meal costs, which are paid by Team fees and sponsoring.  The remaining $10,000 in annual costs support Gatherings, the annual picnic, weekend events including Sendoff/Sponsor’s Hours, Candlelight Services, and Closing Ceremonies, as well as insurance, services, materials, Upper Room fees, and more.

In recent years we have been operating with funds generated prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Unfortunately, those funds have been depleted over the past several years, in part because of increasing costs due to inflation.

Teaming fees and sponsoring are currently $205 and have not increased since 2017, even as costs have increased.  The Board DOES NOT desire to increase Team fees and sponsoring to offset these increasing costs.  In fact, the Board is focused on a vision of Team fees and sponsoring to ultimately be around $150 per Team member/Pilgrim.  This will only be possible through consistent ongoing donations from Community members and others.  So, how can this be accomplished?  Well, here are a couple of examples:

     If 100 people would be able to offer $100/year = $10,000 (or a combination of personal, business, and home church donations), which would cover our current annual operating expenses beyond the weekend event Team and Pilgrim fees.

     If 200 people were to offer $100/year = $20,000 (or a combination of personal, business, and home church donations near this amount).  In this example, the excess could be used to significantly offset Team fees and sponsoring to achieve the Board vision of ultimately decreasing the Weekend Event costs to $150 per Team member and Pilgrim.

Of course, our Community consists of many more than 100 or 200 people.  Meaning many smaller contributions could just as well achieve the goals shown in the examples above.

How do we hope to accomplish these goals?  We hope to do so through raising awareness, providing additional means of receiving donations, and encouraging more consistent participation.  The Fundraising Committee has established an online giving/donation platform providing all of us with another means of supporting our Community on Givelify, an online gifting/donation service.  It is now possible to give online donations to WV Emmaus (a 501c3 organization) through Givelify!  You can reach our Givelify site page at here or using this QR Code: 

Once you reach the Givelify WV Emmaus site you must join/sign-in before you can process a donation.  When signed-in your profile details can be updated via a drop-down menu clicking on your username.

Once you select a donation amount you will be directed to a page to select the donation purpose.  Donations may currently be made to designated folders for the

     1. Community General Fund – supporting the annual cost of Gatherings, annual Picnic, Weekend Event support, insurance, services, materials, Upper Room fees, etc.

     2. Team Weekend Agape Funds (Team Needs) – to offset the cost of supporting the event for background supplies, Community agape, and in part snack foods.

Your donation will then be accepted and acknowledged on the following page where you can view your donation receipt.  A donation receipt is also sent to your registered email address.  Be aware that there is a 2.9% and $.30 transaction fee per donation.  This is an industry standard practice and is in line with all the other online donation services. You have the option of establishing recurring donations.

The Board realizes that the giving examples provided in this post may not be feasible for all, but the potential to demonstrate the love and value of the Emmaus movement is easily imagined at any level of giving.  We will still graciously accept offerings in the traditional manner, such as cash and checks given at Gatherings and other Community Events, or by mail at:

WV Emmaus, PO Box 460, Kearneysville, WV 25430

Thank you for your continuing support through teaming, sponsoring, and funding of the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia Walk to Emmaus!

Your Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The WV Emmaus Fundraising Committee

August, 2023