Dear Community,

I am humbled to serve as the Community Lay Director for 2023. I will be seeking the help and guidance from many during this journey, and appreciate all the assistance I will receive. I’m hopeful that Cindy Rauch, the Assistant Community Lay Director, will share in a lot of discussions that impact the Board of Directors and the Community.

Team formation is well underway for WV#149 and WV#150. The Community is still – and always in need of Team and Pilgrim applications. This is an ongoing, continual need throughout the year. Please develop those relationships that Christ is counting on – even if it takes years. The best we can do is to plant seeds, pray, and demonstrate our personal desire to be Christ-like. Let them see that fire that was kindled.

Thinking about teaming for the first time? Ask those that have teamed about their personal experience. Please read the response to ‘What should I consider when deciding on my first Team?’ in the FAQs section of our About menu.

We have transitioned to Signup Genius to manage our Weekend Prayer Vigils. The links for the Spring Weekends are active now. This free service does have some advertisements that show up. But, the interface is easy to use and if you want more than one slot, you can select them and then hit the submit button. We went to a one-hour time slot scheme to help with managing the vigils and are hopeful they can be filled well ahead of the Weekends.

The Board assignments are complete and you can soon view them in the About portion of this website.  This is your Board. Please communicate with them on Communities happenings, if you have questions, or want to provide feedback on the Community and events. Most have a Committee Chair position and will need your help in executing their areas of responsibilities. If you are not able to serve on a Team, or have challenges with making it to our events, please consider asking how you can help these Chairs. I often say that this Emmaus movement is so simple:  Provide a unique experience to kindle a fire – and sustain that fire through follow on commitment to Jesus’ commandments: Love your God first above all else; and love your neighbor as yourself (paraphrased from Matthew 22:37-40). But the execution of the weekends and the 4th Day activities of the Community is very complex. There are guidelines that are being carried out by servants from four states, a great number and variety of churches, and all are in their own personal journey with Christ. There is so much to be done that there is no limit to the opportunities to serve.

I look forward to what Our Lord does in this year ahead.

De Colores and Blessings,

Carl Kaempfer

Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia Emmaus Community Lay Director