Dear Community,

Were you there? Did you witness the glory of our Lord during the Weekend? Please join me in welcoming our newest Community members from WV#152 and thanking the Team for their work and dedication to the Weekend Event. It was my personal pleasure and honor and pleasure (wait… did I already say that?) to announce Dee Barnett as the WLD for WV#154 during the Closing Ceremony! Ron and Dee were surrounded by family and friends praying – giving God the glory as she received her anointing.

I also thank the many hands from the Community that joined in to help with setting up, resetting, and cleaning up all the Weekend event related activities. As you are counting on Christ, Christ is counting on you – and so is this Community. There are so many ways to participate as you are able with the functions of the Community. Many hands make light work – continue to join in. If you don’t know what is needed, just ask the Board of Directors. We are trying to move most of the supporting action out into the Community.

I’m keeping this one for this message – When is the time to start submitting Pilgrim applications?

Let’s make this our homework over the Fall and Winter! We should all be alert for that brief conversation that a friend, associate, that person sitting on the other side of the church… a conversation where you show your love for Jesus and others – you just might be planting seeds that will deepen or even start that person’s relationship with Christ. As a 4th Day Community, we should build up others, which might lead them to apply – and do that all year long. Go to our Resource page to download the most current Pilgrim application. A great way to introduce them to Emmaus would be to invite them to our 4th Day Activities such as our monthly gatherings and reunion groups as well – let them experience the fellowship.

Please consider teaming for 2024 and if so moved, go to our Resource page, and apply. The Community is always looking for new team members as well as leadership development within the teaming process.

Will be holding our annual elections for Board volunteers during the November 11th Gathering. Please see our Board of Directors page to see the makeup of the Board. Please recall from my last message that we will also vote on moving funds from our Chrysalis account into our general fund account.

Very soon we will begin a series of training sessions related to conducting the Weekend Events. We will start with ALD refreshing and training. The Upper Room has given us guidelines with the latitude to adjust for our particular facilities. Most of our attitudes and behaviors are born out of the Emmaus Team Canon, starting with, “I am a member of an Emmaus team; therefore, I am only one part of a complete being.” The Board used this same Canon at the beginning of 2023 as it is fitting to cascade and remind us of our leadership role in governing and directing the Community. There will be a Community email announcing the first iteration of the in-person training.

I hope to see you at the November Gathering as we announce the CLD for 2024 and hear from some of our newest Community members.

De Colores and Blessings,

Carl Kaempfer

Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia Emmaus Community Lay Director