Dear Community,

It was my blessing serving as the Community Lay Director for 2023. Thank you for the support and engagement for the past year. God is good – all the time!

Cindy Rauch was selected by the Board in November to be the CLD for 2024, and in December, she selected Bruce Taggart to serve as the 2024 Assistant Community Lay Director per. The Community elected new Board members in November to replace those that have served three years and Cindy is lining up the new assignments to prepare for the first Board meeting in January 2024. The new members are Wayne and Kip Omps, Gideon Elliott, Kathy Rudisill and Harry Weiss.

In 2023, we worked to fine-tune some of the supporting documentation and gathered non-Board Community members to pitch-in on our events. We launched a Financial Campaign Group with the idea of building our reserve holdings to eventually drive the costs of teaming and sponsorship down. We have seen churches and individuals step up to financially support this ministry, but we still need to keep a press on it. We created an online giving capability. We made headway to rebuild and maintain our own Community database – in addition to Ministry Manager provided by the Upper Room, and improved tracking to assist the Team Selection Committee and the WLD. We transitioned to an online Team Application process, added the information and pictures of prior Weekend Events to the website, and started $25 discounts for early Pilgrim applications. The Community Music Directors revisited our 2012 and 2020 songbooks and created a new listing that hopefully will result in a new edition in 2024. We moved our Candlelight services back to Lodge 3 across from the Conference Center to ease logistics.

We also kicked off a Community Outreach and Education program, the first targeting Assistant Lay Directors. The intent is to renew and align our knowledge and practices and to become more thoroughly familiar with the Teaming process and Weekend Event script. The first session will take place in early 2024 – keep an eye out for advertisements. We also drew attention and provided links to the Upper Room University to help the Community gain a better foundation on the Emmaus movement.

I will continue to serve the Board and Community as the outgoing CLD in an advisory role. I very much look forward to the continuing development of our Community and engagement of new and seasoned Community members!

It just keeps getting better!!

My wife, Lisa and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a safe and healthy New Year!!


DeColores and Blessings,

Carl Kaempfer

Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia Emmaus Community Lay Director