Dear Community,

The Board of Directors has been working on a lot of initiatives to help us further align with the Upper Room’s guidance and meet the intent of our Covenant. Some of this includes looking at our activities and the way the Community and Board support them. We are looking to identify the responsibilities of the Team vs. the Community vs. the Board. There are overlaps in many areas, but the bottom line is to ensure the Team can focus on their preparations, team formation, and execution of the Weekend Event with the Pilgrim’s experience and results in mind. I’ve been there, we’ve been there – we answer the call to serve on a Team and rely on what we experienced in the past to guide our actions. The same goes for those that heavily engage in supporting the Weekend Events. Very little of this ‘refreshing’ impacts the Weekend Script, we’re just trying to consolidate efforts and hopefully communicate better during the touchpoints where Community involvement is needed.

The team meetings for WV#149 are complete and WV#150 just held their first. I know both WLDs are excited about the approaching Weekends. We are still in need of Team and Pilgrim applications. This is an ongoing, continual need throughout the year. Please develop those relationships that Christ is counting on – even if it takes years. The best we can do is to plant seeds, pray, and demonstrate our personal desire to be Christ-like. Let them see that fire that was kindled. Reach out to your friends and those that had recently walked and encourage them to seek out Pilgrims with the Emmaus movement’s intent in mind, and to submit a Team application.

Please support these Weekend Events by praying for the Teams, Pilgrims, and their families. Prepare agape a little at a time. As teams are commissioned, the listings are posted on the website. Pilgrims are added to the listings as they are verified to have the proper sponsorship (Part B of the Pilgrim application) and confirmed by the WLDs. Please be in tune with the events that support the weekends. If you can volunteer, just reach out to the Board of Directors at and they can identify where help is needed.

We have transitioned to SignUpGenius to manage our Weekend Prayer Vigils. The vigil links for the Spring Weekends are on the home page of the website. We are getting there. As of this writing, sixteen slots for WV#149 are available. This is a great improvement based upon what we experienced in the past where we would be scrambling to fill slots, even as the weekend began. We just need a little push to complete this vigil. SignUpGenius is a free service that does have some advertisements. But the interface is easy to use and if you want more than one slot, you can select them and then hit the submit button, filling in your information just once. We went to a one-hour time slot scheme to help with managing the vigils and are hopeful they can be filled well ahead of the Weekends.

Our Spring Weekends are upon us – let us all be in prayer for the Community and see how He moves.

De Colores and Blessings,

Carl Kaempfer

Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia Emmaus Community Lay Director