Dear Community,

The glory of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit shown this past weekend as the Community and WV#149 Team came together to glorify God! And did He honor us at the Candlelight Service? Just awesome! There was more than a kindle of a spark as we witnessed the events unfolding from setup, Send Off/Sponsor’s Hour, Candlelight Service, and the Closing Ceremony.

I had the privilege to announce Mike Stanfield as the WLD for WV#151 which will be held September 14-17, 2023. The Board of Directors and the Team Selection Committee is at work in creating Team candidate listings and Mike will soon begin reaching out for Team members.

Welcome to the newest Community Members. Please stay connected to your sponsors, those brothers and sisters you met during your journey, and our Community. The Lord will move each one of us – we only need to respond to His calls, His whispers, and to the circumstances that surround us. Share your experiences with others.

The Board of Directors met on the first Tuesday of April and one of the items we discussed was holding the Candlelight Service and preparations at the Mar Lu Ridge Chapel. Some of the Community members have expressed there are challenges using the site – a long and dark ride along the ridge, and logistics of parking at the bottom of the conference center hill. Our Community Facilities Chair, Mike Littleton reached out to the Mar Lu Ridge manager to see if it is possible to return to the building at the bottom of the hill. She responded that our Community holding Candlelight Service at the Chapel benefits them as they make additional funds when they can rent out the building and its surrounding area. Our Community taking that space would potentially impact their income. So, we will continue to use the Chapel. I met with the manager on Monday for a separate issue, and she expressed her gratitude to us using the Chapel. I noticed after making a few trips along the road, that it has been recently resurfaced which makes driving much easier.

We are still in need of Team and Pilgrim applications. This is an ongoing, continual need throughout the year. Please develop those relationships that Christ is counting on – even if it takes years. The best we can do is to plant seeds, pray, and demonstrate our personal desire to be Christ-like. Let them see that fire that was kindled. Reach out to your friends and those that had recently walked and encourage them to seek out Pilgrims with the Emmaus movement’s intent in mind, and to submit a Team application. In our website’s FAQs area, there is a good guideline when considering to Team for the first time.

Our use of SignUpGenius to manage our Weekend Prayer Vigils seemed to have worked well for WV#149. As of this writing, there are only seven slots available for WV#150. The vigil will be brought to the next Gathering for completion.

Let us all continue to be in prayer for the Community and see how He moves.

De Colores and Blessings,

Carl Kaempfer

Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia Emmaus Community Lay Director