WV#145 – What a Weekend! I am so excited about this past weekend and for the upcoming Women’s Weekend! God moved for us, and as Pastor Scott reflected – the Community is in a resurrection! Praise God , the servants that are the hands and feet of Jesus, and mostly for the Pilgrims to experience what we all have come to love!

Now I welcome the twelve newest Community members, who all reported on “What did the Walk mean to me, and what am I going to do about it?” in such an inspirational way, I think we are all ready to get up on the Mountain. Get in line!

The logistics for Candles and the worship beforehand was a little to overcome as we had to move it to the Mar Lu Ridge Chapel and follow through on the logistics to get all to the Center and setup. It worked so well, and I thank all involved. We were way early, but have learned from the experience. I must tell you, being in that Chapel at sunset and worshiping our Lord was absolutely beautiful! Come join us again 7pm May 21st!

The Board of Directors has been in the need of a few additional members and God made them available! We’ll see how best to engage their servant hearts and keep our resurrection moving with His grace.

Please join in this movement! Attend Gatherings, 4th Day Training, Reunion Groups (or start one!), Sponsor Pilgrims, submit Team applications (both documents are available on this website), and attend the upcoming Send Off, Candles, and Closing. For Teaming, we want to follow a model of 1/3 first time teamers, 1/3 second-third time teamers, and seasoned teamers to spread out the experience and facilitate growth over time. We also want to control back-to-back teaming and restrict it to 1/4 team make up – with some exceptions. It has been shown that such restrictions help for the overall health of this type of community and brings people on various walks with Jesus together to form a unique team – His team!

We are working to setup a different way of enabling Weekend Prayer Vigils. It will be much the same as we used a few years ago with a cleaner interface. It will allow other communities to see our Walks and help fill in those late night-early morning time slots. We will be able to do the same for a variety of other events worldwide!

DeColores and Blessings,
Steve Gray
Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia Emmaus Community Lay Director.