Good day Community,

WV #153 is in the books, and what a weekend! “God showed up and showed off!” “It was an amazing weekend!” “Awesome weekend!” “God was on the mountain!” These are just a few statements heard from the members of WV #153 from the men’s weekend. From beginning to end, God was there encouraging, blessing, and showing His unending love. I hope you were able to come out and be part of the weekend. Many community members attended the Sendoff, Candlelight Service, and Closing, and I personally thank you for coming out. Can you remember how it felt to be on the mountain when you did your pilgrim walk and to see all those people come out just for that time? Most of whom you did not even know, wow! And… we anointed Joe Graybill as the WLD for WV #155!

Many have come back through teaming, and some of us cannot wait to return. We have made some slight changes to the online Team application, and we are set for people to apply for the Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 Weekends. Or, if you know some of your personal contact information needs to be updated, you can do that too under the website’s Resources tab.

If you think about it, we can return even sooner! From May 16th to the 19th, the women of WV #154 will ascend the mountain for their weekend. Be sure to come out and support the women by attending Sendoff on Thursday night, Candlelight Service on Saturday, and Closing on Sunday. As a reminder, for Candlelight we are at Lodge 3 (the small building at the bottom of the hill) on Saturday and have reserved the building and area from 10 am! What does that mean for you? You can come early, bring a chair, and fellowship for the day! There is a fire pit where we can enjoy one another’s company and fellowship while sitting around the fire. You will want to pack a chair, lunch, drinks, and even a little something for your dinner; we can fellowship until it is time for our candlelight activities at 7:50 pm.

Our commitment to prayer is a cornerstone of our community. We encourage our community to sign up for the prayer vigil, a powerful way to support our team and pilgrims. The information is available on our Emmaus website at Scroll down to the WV #154 section, where you will find the list of team members, pilgrims, and the Prayer Vigil. Your prayers make a difference, and we appreciate your active participation in this spiritual blessing.

To our sponsors and community members, your role is crucial in fostering the growth of our community. As a sponsor, once the weekends are over, part of your responsibility is to engage your pilgrim in a Reunion Group. We’re excited to announce that several new groups are starting, with more to come. You can find them on our website under the Reunion Group link at the top of the page. Your active involvement in this aspect of our community is greatly valued and appreciated.


Cindy Rauch

Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia Emmaus Community Lay Director