Dear Community,

May the Lord be with you! The year is flying by. Soon we’ll be preparing for the Fall Weekends. The Teams have come together. The men’s team has had their leadership meeting and will begin their team meetings soon. The women’s team will hold their leadership meeting shortly after that. I know we are excited – excited for the team leadership, team members, the community, and for the Sponsor-Pilgrim relationships to grow and develop. Please consider those folks that you associate with and sense whether they would benefit and are ready for the weekend experience to kindle that fire for service in their home church.

The Prayer Vigils for these weekends are set up. Please follow the links from our website’s home page.

Last month I addressed the new online Teaming Applications as the primary tool to share your desire to be a team candidate. You can indicate your desire to team though the Fall of 2024, or if you would like to just update your contact information. If you are uncomfortable with providing personal contact information through the online form, you can simply send an email to our Registrars, Cindy Rauch and Karen Sassaman at and they will begin the process. They have been engaged in working the submissions since it went live.

The Board of Directors and financial campaign committee has been engaged in setting up an online giving capability. We are working on an announcement that will be sent out via community email and Facebook posts. Just visit, search for Emmaus and you’ll find our community – if the information and link have not been posted.  Be aware that there is a 2.9% and $.30 transaction fee per donation. This is an industry standard practice. As noted before, The Board realizes that the giving example addressed in the Gathering presentations and in my last post may not be feasible for all, but the potential to demonstrate the love and value of the Emmaus movement is easily imagined. We will still graciously accept offerings in the traditional manner.

We have been discussing Community feedback to bring our Candlelight Service meeting place back to the small building (Lodge 3) across from the Mar Lu Ridge Conference Center. The Board has decided to move back there. It is logistically easier and safer, but it is important that you be mindful of Community announcements and the calendar on this website. The Fall 2023 Men’s Weekend Candlelight Service will take place at the Mar Lu Ridge Chapel. The Fall 2023 Women’s Weekend will take place at Lodge 3 and will continue to do so per our annual contracts with Mar Lu Ridge. This move back costs $350/weekend as Mar Lu Ridge does make income from renting Lodge 3.

As Christ counts on us, we count on Him. Give all glory to God and please pray for our Community and the Emmaus movement, and for the Fall Teams. I hope to see you at the Annual Community Picnic on August 12th, 1:00PM.

De Colores and Blessings,

Carl Kaempfer

Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia Emmaus Community Lay Director