Dear Community,

What a great picnic we had! Thanks to all that planned, prepared, provided food, and the Reunion Groups that brought baskets as raffle prizes. And thanks to all that were able to make it for fellowship, preparing agape, and singing Our Lord’s praises. The Community provided gift certificates that ranged from $25 to $100, and a Sponsor/Team fee certificate.

The Fall Weekend Teams are up and running. Mike Standfield and Pastor John Unger are leading WV#151 and are nearing completion of the Team meetings. Debbie Weiss and the WV#152 leadership team have met and will begin their Team meetings soon. Please cover these people with prayer. The Prayer Vigils for these weekends are set up. Please follow the links from our website’s home page.

Please pay attention to the Pilgrim application deadlines provided in Team section of the website. We hold these deadlines for a few reasons – First, we should be fostering relationships with the potential Pilgrims to be involved in their walk with Christ well before a Weekend Event and carry out the proper sponsorship actions – if you have challenges starting conversations about the Walk to Emmaus with friends, look throughout this site, there are some good points. Bring a a seasoned friend into the conversation, not to overwhelm but to hopefully offer a different perspective on what they’ve experienced; Second, the support folks and Team need the lead time to prepare the items and make arrangement for their accommodations; Third, our Mar Lu Ridge host requires an occupancy number to plan and purchase food for meals and make accounting to their lead organization. We have found that getting Pilgrims in past the deadline causes undo stress to the processes and those involved in carrying them out.

We just added a Donate link to the menu on our website. This link will provide some background and the ability to visit a site to donate online. Please give the content a read and take it for a spin!

The Community will vote in new members for the 2024 Board of Directors at the November Gathering. You’ll see detailed email and announcements in the coming months. If you have teamed at least twice and would like to be considered as a candidate, please give it some thought and prayer. Speak to one of the Board members so you can gain appreciation for the work.

I hope to see you at the September Gathering as we anoint WV#151 and join in celebrating Our Lord!

De Colores and Blessings,

Carl Kaempfer

Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia Emmaus Community Lay Director