Greetings and Happy New Year!

My name is Cindy Rauch; I worship at New Life Community Church in Inwood, WV. I walked on WV #95 and sat at the table of Esther, and I am your new Community Lay Director for 2024.

I am excited for the New Year, New Challenges, New Experiences, and New Friends as well as to see our old friends return to our fold.

I am praying for a terrific year for our Emmaus Community and one that involves eager engagement and anticipation from our community. Our community exists because of those who are not afraid to say yes and step into new challenges, step out of their comfort zone to help wherever needed, and work to build our Emmaus family through sponsoring. I am asking now…. Will you join us?

We are in need of your aid and support in the upcoming 4th Day Events, such as monthly Gatherings, supplying various snacks throughout the year, and helping with the Men’s and the Women’s weekends. Please be in prayer on how you might be able to support these weekends through teaming and supplying assistance, such as on Wednesday night for setup just before the weekend, Sponsors Hour, Candlelight, and Closing. And most importantly, who you may be able to sponsor to attend one of these wonderful, blessed weekends.

We are in need of pilgrims; we will need a minimum of nine pilgrims for each Walk to hold the weekend, with a maximum number of sixteen pilgrims. I would love to see both weekends at full capacity and even a waiting list of pilgrims for future weekends. This brings me to an exciting opportunity for sponsors, which was announced by last year’s CLD Carl Kaempfer in November from our Board of Directors: a pilgrim fee deduction as an early bird special! Those pilgrim applications received at least two months in advance to the Walks will be granted a $25.00 discount. That is right, a $25.00 discount! The “Early Bird Deduction“ deadline for the men’s pilgrim applications is February 18, and for the women’s pilgrim applications, it is March 16, 2024. Who could not use a little extra cash in their wallet? Team and pilgrim applications can be found on our website.

Remember, Christ is counting on you, and so am I.


Cindy Rauch

Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia Emmaus Community Lay Director


A Word From Our Community Spiritual Director:

Friends, as we look forward to another year it is time to ponder, once again, upon those three legs of the stool that we talk about on every weekend: What does a life of piety, study and action look like for each of us? We encourage you to take this new year and decide what you want to personally do in each of the areas:

-Piety begins with prayer: What does your prayer life look like, both as an individual and corporately? Do you have a daily prayer rhythm? What about beginning the year with prayer and fasting? (Remember we have a prayer call every Thursday morning at 7:30 am until 8 am. Call 978-990-5403, access code 24132413).

-Study: What would it look like to gather some friends and read the Bible together? The YOU VERSION free app gives plenty of options, and the bottom of each study allows you to leave comments for those studying with you. Try Nicky Gumbles Bible in a year program, it’s free. Alternatively, try the Lectio365 app, also free, that has a morning and evening devotion. Maybe you have a better idea, but we encourage you to be in the Word.

-Action: What action step is God calling you to this year? Who can you Sponsor for a Walk to Emmaus weekend? Someone you know needs to experience the love of Jesus in a new way. Maybe you are being called to share the Gospel with someone, walk with a friend who is hurting, or work in a soup kitchen. Whatever it is, do something for Jesus, and give gratitude and thanks every step of the way.

Maybe your health or circumstances are not allowing for any of these things. Then, perhaps you can spend more time in prayer for events in your neighborhood, city, state, and world. (Check out The Streets of Prayer free app or Bless Every Home to learn how to pray for your neighborhood.)

May God be gracious to you and give you peace in 2024.


 Pastor Sarah Dorrance